Our Focus

Projects House has a polycentric management approach providing services to clients in the most direct manner. Our offices are staffed by people committed to their local clients while having the specialist resources of the whole company available to them. We provide a comprehensive expert service with invested local knowledge and use a comprehensive inter-office co-ordination and communications system. Each one of our team is fully staffed and equipped to meet the technology and communications needs of its clients. This arrangement assures direct management control, speed of response to client requirements and access to professional skills.

We typically provide all services to the client, alternatively we may act either as the project manager for a multidisciplinary group of consultants, or as a member of such a group. Our Main focus at PH is to assure our clients with costs, deadlines and quality that are subject to internal and external quality audit. Client feedback is regularly monitored, together with the quality performance records of each office, as well as working with professionals from other countries. We have an impressive portfolio of wide-ranging projects undertaken world-wide, These have included major highways, railways, tunnels, bridges, buildings, airports and runways, land reclamation and slope stabilization and ground improvement schemes.